By Linda Hoffman

Emmaus Missiion Center

We are family at Emmaus, united by our love for each other and for God.

Last week Mary stayed quite late one night at the Mission, waiting on a new resident for the shelter; the woman and her family couldn’t get there before the shelter manager had to leave. While waiting, Mary received a call from a former shelter resident needing a ride to the hospital; quickly making several phone calls Mary found her a ride. As I heard the tale of this long evening, I first felt bad for Mary having to stay so long, then I thought how awesome that she was here at just the right time to be Christ’s hands for a dear friend.

When this former resident came into the shelter with her seven children, she had no job, no money, and her husband was not in the family picture. She clung to Mary for support. We were eventually able to help her get settled in a new home. While they were under our roof, we came to love each member of her big family, and they loved us in turn. Anytime we need help unloading trucks, moving furniture, etc. the teen boys in this family are eager to help. Another past resident was dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and needed a ride to an Indianapolis doctor. Our first shelter director, Jennifer, offered to drive this young family to the doctor. The doctor asked the woman if she had family in Logansport, and she responded, “Oh, yes, Mary and Jennifer.”

We are their family. They come in on a regular basis just to visit, and show us how the children are growing. We’ve written many times about Ana, our miracle baby. Ana is now three years old and attends Headstart. Her perfect attendance certificate is proudly displayed on Mary’s office wall. Ana and her little sister call Mary “grandma.”

Getting to know the people in the shelter is one of the nice perks of working here. Yes, we’ve had some real weirdoes stay, some we’ve had to ask to leave and some we were just darn glad they left! But for the most part our residents are just ordinary people, having a bad spot in their life and needing a loving hand to get them over the trouble. They cheerfully do their assigned chores, and help out at the Thrift Store/Food Pantry and help collate the newsletters. As we work together we share family stories, wants, problems, desires, goals for the future.

The Mission is all decorated for Christmas; plans are being made for gifts and a special dinner. The residents may not be in their own homes, but they are a part of a family, our Emmaus family.

Ephesians 3:14-16, For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom His whole family in heaven and on Earth derives its name. I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His spirit in your inner being.

God love you.

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