October 22, 2011

Clerk-treasurer candidates address issues

— Democratic incumbent Sandi S. Minnick faces a challenge from Republican Rachel Carlson-Goings in the race for Royal Center clerk-treasurer.

What do you see as the issues in this campaign?

Carlson-Goings: The Royal Center clerk-treasurer’s office involves the care of and improvements to the city of Royal Center as directed by the Town Board. The clerk-treasurer is the daily “face” of the city.

The clerk-treasurer should promote the city through positive encouragement to its current and prospective residents and businesses by caring for their concerns and seeking resolution to issues that may arise.  Although an elected official, the clerk-treasurer should work in conjunction with the town board and city employees to provide all the necessary financial, accounting and business information in an efficient and timely manner.

Minnick: I think the major issue is experience. I’ve had 20-plus years of office experience plus 4 years as clerk-treasurer. My entire career has involved working with people. This job can be very demanding, and it takes someone with good organizational skills and someone focused to keep things working smoothly in this office.


Why should voters choose you?

Carlson-Goings: As the Royal Center clerk-treasurer, I will provide an enhanced level of customer service to the city’s residents and businesses by responding promptly to issues and situations for which I am responsible. With the assistance of the town board, I will maintain a fiscally responsible budget to provide the highest level of service at the least possible cost. I will work with the city’s employees and the town board to promote the city and enhance the quality of living for my community.

Minnick: Some people think this office is only about taking water payments. There is so much more. I like to stay busy and on top of the workload, not let things pile up.

Since I’ve been in office I have organized and updated the office for a better working environment and updated the computer system adding networking to handle the increasing changes that occur. I have also implemented a State Board of Accounts-approved payroll software program to make record keeping easier and more accurate. I have a good working relationship with my co workers, the town council, fire department and police department and have established a solid relationship with our customers.

I try to be fair and helpful to everyone. I have had two very successful State Board of Account audits, and I attend all the State Board of Accounts schooling I can to keep up with the constant changes that occur with regulations and laws. I try to assist the town council with their needs and keep accurate minutes of all meetings.

I have personally registered several new voters in the area, and I have had the pleasure of performing numerous weddings.

I have lived in this community all of my life. I’ve raised my children here. I love this community, the people and the work that I do for them.  I am a very dependable person, and if I am re-elected, I will continue to work hard, educate myself to keep up with all the changes and demands of the office and work for the people of the town. I ask for your vote on Nov. 8.