October 31, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Newspaper needs a new columnist

— To Joe Bowyer: Your worrying about the U.S. debt at this time (when the leader is President Obama) is typical hypocrisy. Question: Do you admit who put us onto this debt course? Answer: Bush.

The American people voted for President Obama for change. But the Republicans, from day one, made it their mission to “make sure he fails/is a one-term president.” These are facts that don’t seem to bother you. And they should. The Republicans are playing politics at the cost of the democracy and what the people voted for.

The president has bent over backwards to accommodate the Republicans, and the results are used to blame him. The Republican-controlled Congress has historically low ratings, because the people see no progress. (This is the gridlock that the GOP is fine with!)

I know President Obama is an intelligent man who wants to lead the country out of this mess that was not his doing. Your name calling and lies about his personal and political history would be irritating at a family dinner. But since you are a published commentator, they are grossly inappropriate.

The old saying “... there are two sides to every story...” does not apply to facts. Example: President Obama does try to do what’s right for the country (see above); the other candidate is a good businessman for himself (and his investors).

I don’t think the rich are blamed as much as they are shameful: for not paying their fair share (always looking for tax breaks, loopholes, shelters, etc.,etc.!) and for having a bigger voice (lobbyists/voting PACS). They are buying the democracy that they want and that will serve their needs.

Finally, in addition to your lies and hypocrisy, your shameless judgments and categorizing of people have no place in a newspaper.

To the Pharos-Tribune: Please, replace Mr. Bowyer with a fact-driven political writer.

Jennie James