October 18, 2012

Letter: Don’t penalize rich for being successful

— Just about every couple wants the American dream to come true. That is they want their children to be the smartest in a classroom and the best athlete on the field and be the best looking kid in school. To be popular, or be voted king or queen of the prom. In other words, to “be successful.”

The school classroom is always trying to be fair to all kids, treating everyone equal and being sure everyone gets his or her turn. Teaching to the kids what is fair and what is wrong like cheating. Then you watch your child go on to getting a part-time job and going to college at the same time, which is hard, but many kids do this. Other kids sit at home, run around with their friends and in general have a good time maybe getting a low-paying job. Later on, some of these kids get on the free and handout bandwagon programs and continue on welfare their entire life. 

After college your child starts at an entry-level job, works many hours to get ahead and be successful. Then, after 10 or 15 years, he has worked his way up the success ladder, which requires many tireless hours away from the family.

Meanwhile, the people on welfare or the person who just can’t seem to hold a job very long is spending most of their time fishing or playing video games.

Now, my child has found out that the president thinks success is bad and should be punished by excessive taxes, so that the people fishing can have better things. He is now paying 47 percent of his income in taxes because he just crossed that $750,000 line that says he is rich. This leaves him with just $352,000. This isn’t bad, but if the president is re-elected then his taxes go up to 58 percent. He has become so upset about the state of affairs that if Obama gets elected he is quitting his job, selling off everything except his pickup truck and moving to a state where he can just retire and live off the state.

Obama wants the rich to pay more than their fair share, I think everyone should pay the same percent, and if you haven’t paid in, you don’t get anything back. What do you think is fair?

Jerry Anderson