November 4, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: What happened to the jobs?

— We were told almost a year ago that there were companies and businesses lining our state borders waiting for the “right to work” legislation to pass. They were waiting to bring jobs to our state on that bill passing.

The same legislators told us that if we dropped inventory taxes, businesses would line our borders waiting to bring in jobs.

We were told by capping property taxes that our state hasn’t the money needed for our schools or social services! This was a false reason for budget shortages! Your assessed value goes up but your cap doesn’t. Try selling your house for the assessed value!

I think the last eight years of legislation has been a spin of untruths and falsehoods to mislead the public. A lot of the time and wasted effort to pass such things is purely for the politicians, not the people.

Jeff Miller, Logansport