October 28, 2012

Charities make giving difficult

— My bride and I are caring people who understand that causes and people need help, but have found that helping can be painful. The town fire department asked for a contribution so we gave one for the good of all. Then came the police department and we thought well they need it. They were followed by the county police, the state police, and the state fire marshal’s fund. It  got to the point that every day we were recieving calls, at odd times, from all kinds of  people wanting help, and we couldn’t afford all.

You see, it is because if you ever give to one they sell your name and address to others. Well, it was embarrassing and not what we wanted, but we stopped giving to anyone and felt very bad about that while having to protect ourselves. Then I got this pitiful message with pictures of sick children and stickers from St Jude and my heart ached to help so I broke down and sent money. Care to guess what has happened? More from St Jude, Christmas cards and stickers from Boys’ Town and a nickel and a plea from Disabled Veterans. I am sorry for kids, homeless children should have a home and I am a veteran.  

You can’t send this stuff back, and we can’t afford to give even a small amount  to so many. So here we sit feeling bad when we should feel good about giving. If people won’t give to your charity it is because of the way you deal with them and how it makes them feel. P.S. I won’t give again so don’t bother to put me on your lists.

Larry R. Koker, Logansport