March 3, 2013

OUR VIEW: Ridding the city of blight

— Blight.

The dictionary defines the word as something that frustrates plans or hope. Here in Logansport, we know all too well about blight.

But fortunately, Mayor Ted Franklin knows about it as well. And like most of us, he doesn’t seem too fond of it.

But unlike most of us, he has the power to do something about it. And he’s putting that power to good use.

In a longtime-coming effort, city officials announced this week that three condemned properties will be torn down. One of them even has a tree growing inside it.

But it’s not just about these three properties. It’s about the effect their removal will have on the neighborhoods as a whole.

“This is contagious,” Franklin said last month. “When we clean up a property, the neighbors start cleaning up.”

We’re sure the houses coming down will be a welcome sight in their respective neighborhoods. We’re hopeful that the mayor is right, and we’ll see a revival of sorts starting to happen.

It’s a revival we hope to witness again when the city tears down the next seven condemned properties.

At one point, the city had up to 80 properties on its condemned list. Some found their way off that list and some are still trying, but there’s still a lot of weight pulling our city down.

We stand behind the mayor in his effort to lift that weight off our shoulders. And we know he’s right to think the city’s efforts will pay dividends. We stand to gain not only financially from increased property values, but also as a community.

People taking more pride in their property will help as a whole.

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