February 24, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Some concerns on senior housing

— I am writing your paper concerning the proposed downtown senior housing project. I have several questions.

First, is there a need for more senior housing in Logansport?

Second, should Logansport mess up a good thing? The Little Turtle Waterway plaza, The Iron Horse Museum and the Farmer’s Market areas have become successful additions to the entire community.

Third, why does the city not make use of some of its underused properties? Areas such as the old Rural King store, the Logansport Mall and the Old Ben Hur/Manor Motel are prime examples of underused properties.

Finally, if it is decided that more senior housing is necessary, do not destroy what the community has spent years to develop. (Little Turtle Waterway Plaza, Iron Horse Museum, and the thriving Farmer’s Market). Instead make use of the above-mentioned under-used properties. These properties offering adequate parking and are close to stores and other services.

Jane and John Wilson, Logansport

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