October 17, 2012

Letter: Time for voters to put out fire

— This is a true story of long long ago in 1940 and far far away in the small town of Young America.

There was a certain youngster, a boy just six years of age. It was a brisk winter morning, and he was on a mission. The snow covered hills and the frozen creek at the south edge of town were calling for him.

The boy’s journey was abruptly halted when he spotted a fire. The wood shingles on a roof close to the chimney had just started to burn. It was the home of Elmer and Ethyl Gish. The lad went straight-away and knocked on the front door. When Ethyl opened the door he told her that her roof was on fire. What happened next imprinted a feeling in that boy that has lasted to this day.

Ethyl thought he was playing a prank. It took a lot of convincing for her to just come out and look. Once she saw the fire, things really started to happen. Elmer quickly set up a ladder and she carried buckets of water for him to put it out. Because she listened in time, that house still still stands today.

Yes, I was that boy, and that feeling still haunts me.

Values of decency and common sense are under attack every day as we live and breath. America is like a house on fire with her people trapped inside, entangled in a governmental web of handouts and favors.

For those who cannot see the fire, at least try to smell the smoke. Let’s save this house!

Dean Henry