May 7, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Wondering about new power solution


---- — Wondering aboutnew power solution

I am confused by the proposed solutions to the Logansport energy crisis. For quite a while there, Pyrolyzer was the answer to our problems. I could not find that Pyrolyzer had ever done anything on this scale. For reasons never made clear to me, Pyrolyzer did not come through.

It is my understanding that the Utility Service Board is responsible for making this decision. For reasons I don’t understand, the mayor seems to be calling the shots.

Now it would appear that Total Concept Solutions will solve our problem. I am not able to find information about them. Do they have a track record? Why do we have to go to France for a solution to Logansport’s energy crisis? According to the article in the Sunday Pharos-Tribune, little is known about them. Don’t the citizens of Logansport deserve to know?

If investors invest $802 million, the investors own the power source. Was due diligence done in making this selection or is that a closely guarded secret?

Jane Dailey