April 20, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters for Sunday, April 20, 2014


---- — Power forum hopesto answer questions

Do you pay electric bills? Then you are invited to learn how Public Power can often lower electric rates.

Logansport’s coal firing plant must be shut down within two years, and our contract with Duke expires in four. Now is the time for ratepayers to look at some of the advantages that we could have with Public Power.

From 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 23, there will be a highly informative, free program at McHale Performing Arts Center. Every Logansport Municipal Utilities rate payer is invited — industrial, commercial and residential.

This event will be of special interest to all of us who want clean energy and lower electric bills. Leon Bontrager will speak about solar power. Jeff Haas, Vice President of the American Public Power Association, will give an overview of Public Power. Skip Kuker, who works with various electric suppliers and distributors, will talk about his Public Power experience in Greenfield. The evening will end with a question-and-answer session with the audience.

A local group, Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE), is sponsoring this presentation because the topic is of crucial importance to the future of our community. Knowledge is power for continuing progress for personal well-being and quality of life of our children. Our well-informed choice of electrical supplier will impact current and future employers and therefore jobs.

To learn more, search for Logansport Power of Facebook. I encourage you to attend and discuss your concerns with your neighbors. You won’t be disappointed.

Carrie Ruel-Flores


Respondingto letter writer

While I hesitate to respond to uneducated remarks that are placed in the Public Forum about me, I also feel the need to show the community just how far fetched some of those allegations are. Here are facts that Matt Meagher (former city council democratic candidate for the 2012 election) did not bother to gather before he wrote his misleading article in the April 13 edition of the Pharos-Tribune.

He says I am the “biggest welfare queen in Logansport.” He enjoys “taking money to not work.”

He then compares the pension that I worked 30 years of my life for, to welfare! I contributed every week to the pension that I now receive. Pensions are earned, not granted. As a proud union member of the UAW since 1980 and a past member of the Steel Workers Union, I take great offense to comparing union pensions to welfare!

Mr. Meagher’s accusation that “there are no consultants to give him campaign contributions” is also trying to mislead you into believing I have taken contributions from consultants. That is proven wrong in the public campaign finance statements all candidates have to submit to the County Treasurer twice a year. I did not solicit any contributions. Contributions I received (a couple thousand dollars) were from friends and family. I financed my campaign so I would not have to ask anyone for money.

And last but not least, Mr. Meagher’s insinuation that “instead of sitting at home waiting for his constituents to call him” I should “drive around his ward” and see the houses in need of repair. I drive through my ward most every day and I try to drive most of the ward every week or two to remind me of who I work for. I work for my constituents, not the government. Unlike Mr. Meagher, I have been to every door and talked with my constituents face to face.

I would summarize by just saying “consider the source” but I believe the voters already did that when they gave Mr. Meagher the lowest percentage of the votes in the 2012 City Election. Time to move forward.

Logansport is on a great path that I believe will go down in history as the greatest turnaround in our history. I look forward to what the next few years will bring our way.

Bob Bishop

City Councilman

It will take us allto right the country’s ship

The country I love and the dream of democracy it represents I fear is being swallowed up by some Orwellian double speak nightmare. As a conservative faction on the highest court in the land, who in the last few years have reinforced the ludicrous idea that a corporation, a group of people represented by a business construct made up of legalese on a piece of paper, is somehow a singular “person” has used this unnatural standard to once again equate money with free speech.

So, the most well-heeled of our nation and the corporations they are part and participle of who now hire 25 lobbyists for every member of congress to whisper in their ear, are once again allowed a giant bullhorn with which to shout at the masses, who individually have a near zero chance of even getting a phone call answered by their elected officials let alone share a hallway, a room, or a dinner with them.

The conservative majority that currently sits on the Supreme Court likes to portray themselves as strict constitutionalists but only continue to reveal themselves as crass corporatists putting their thumb on the scales of justice to benefit those who least need it.

As we sail into this new Gilded Age it would be wise for Republicans and Democrats alike to take lessons on how our political class responded to the monopolistic control of the robber barons of the last one. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Howard Taft, both Republican, fought them tooth and nail wielding The Sherman Act among other legal weapons to break up their overwhelming influence on America at that time. And the man who led us out of The Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, was instrumental in getting The Glass-Steagal Act passed, separating commercial and investment banks and subduing the volatile atmosphere that pervaded the nation’s economy for decades.

They understood that too much economic power in the hands of too few people stifled competition, the life blood of true capitalism, and the endless cycles of boom and bust only benefited the well connected few, leaving the common people behind with little chance of bettering their station in life.

It took both political parties to right this ship out of those treacherous currents created by the corrupting influence of overwhelming wealth into the most prosperous age these United States have ever had and it took both political parties in our modern age to dismantle these same laws those wiser and less desperate for votes than them created to defend all of our interests. Sadly, it seems that until a political will of the masses come to outweigh those who protect and serve those most prosperous in this age of greed we will have continue to flounder as a nation with but little wind in our sails and disastrous reefs lying dead ahead.

Ernest Bowman