September 18, 2012

Our View: A chance to meet the candidates


— For some of us, the approaching election is all about who will be the next president.

Other are excited about who will be the next governor or the next U.S. senator, and still others are focused on the race for 4th District congressional representative.

Those positions, though, aren’t the only ones on the ballot.

Voters in Cass County will help to choose two members of the Indiana House of Representatives. They’ll also select a Circuit Court judge, a coroner, a commissioner and three members of the County Council.

Candidates for those offices will participate this evening in a forum sponsored by the Logansport-Cass County Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters of Cass County.

Representatives from local news outlets will ask legislative candidates questions related to the economy, education, state spending and local government reform.

They’ll ask candidates for commissioner and county council to talk about economic development and budget priorities, and they’ll ask the candidates for coroner and Circuit Court judge to discuss their visions for those two offices.

Those big national and statewide offices might get most of the attention, but when it comes to life in Logansport and Cass County, the local offices might be at least as important.

State representatives look out for Cass County’s interests in the legislature. They push for measures of local interest, and they provide our county with a voice on matters of statewide impact.

The commissioners make decisions about matters close to home.

They deal with drainage problems in rural areas of the county. They oversee maintenance on county roads.

They’re involved in management of the county’s only park, and they play a key role in efforts to attract new factories and hang onto the ones we’ve got.

County council members, meanwhile, control the county purse strings. It’s their job to make sure county taxpayers get the best bang for the buck.

The coroner and Circuit Court judge are key members of the county’s criminal justice system.

This might be your best chance to meet the candidates and decide who you will support in the coming election. Don’t miss it.

Want to go?

What: Candidate forum

When: 7 p.m. today

Where: McHale Performing Arts Center, 1 Berry Lane