December 28, 2012

Thorns & Roses


• To Lifegate Church volunteers who donated 480 stockings filled with gifts to the students of Fairview Elementary School in Logansport. Connie Etherington, of Lifegate Church, read a story over the public announcement system to the students before they received their gifts. The story talked about a secret at Fairview and the secret later told to the kids was “you are special, there is an amazing plan for your life and you are loved.” After the story was read, several faculty members had tears in their eyes.  Students were then handed out stockings with their name on it from a box in the classrooms. The stockings had gifts inside them and displayed each student’s name. Friday’s event was a surprise to the students.

• To Don Conrad, Galveston United Methodist Church, Logansport Memorial Hospital and the Twelve Mile Community Building, who were all recognized by the Indiana-Ohio region of the American Red Cross for their commitment to the Red Cross’s blood services division. The region gave Conrad one of its Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards at the annual recognition dinner this fall in Fort Wayne. Galveston United Methodist Church received a regional Creative Genius Award for a promotion that doubled its blood drive yields. Logansport Memorial Hospital was named a Faithful Friend for dependability and dedication, and the Twelve Mile Community Building was recognized for being a first-time sponsor.

• To Cass-Pulaski Community Corrections, which handed out daylong passes for Christmas to individuals on work-release and in-home detention. Dave Wegner, director of Cass-Pulaski Community, said they offer the eight- to 10-hour passes in order to connect them with their families and to reward good behavior. The individuals who receive the passes just have to specify where they’ll be and then wait for a visit from an officer to verify that they’re at the correct location. Teresa Fry has been in the Work Release program for about 10 months and said she is sentenced to stay there until next October. She said she’s grateful to be in a program that allows her to work in the community and gives her the opportunity to see her mother on a regular basis. “I’m blessed to be here,” Fry said.

Your turn

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