April 30, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Fire district is not working out for some

For the Pharos-Tribune

— I live in the east end of Logansport. Before the fire district was created, my fire protection came from the Spear Street fire station, which is a little over a mile from my house. Now, my fire protection comes from the west side of Logansport, about 5 miles from my house. Between my house and the west side fire station there are nine stop lights the fire trucks and tankers would have to pass through to get to my house.

As I understand it, the city and the township trustees could not come to an agreement to share this fire protection, so this is the result. I liken this scenario to two bullies standing on a pile of taxpayers fighting over who is the king of the hill. If you talk to either one of these bullies, they both won. The losers are the taxpayers.

If I remember correctly, the city bought out several firefighters so they would quit working and start drawing their pensions. Some of those firefighters went to work for the new fire district. Before the fire district was created, I was not in debt. Now it seems like I’m in debt about $1 million, if you figure in the payroll with all the other costs setting up this fire district.

The real irony of this calamity is that the fire district is going to use the same water but now I have to pay for it as we have no fire hydrants in my addition.

Roses to our dedicated firefighters. Thorns to these bullies.

John Anspach