July 17, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Wednesday, July 17, 2013


---- — New ‘attraction’at park is a hazard

Has anyone seen the new playground equipment at Front Street Park? About a month ago someone dropped off about 20 blue pipes, approximately 20 feet long and about 40 inches in diameter. What are they for?

They have turned out to be the neighborhood attraction. Kids, teenagers and adults have played on them, in them and around them. The grass that was once there is now dead. The park is covered with the wood and nylon strapping that held them together. The whole area is covered in the pieces. Every day there is at least two to five pieces of them in the street with kids playing in them. The whole area has been affected by this addition, thanks to whoever.

I hope no one gets hurt or hit around this new attraction and hopefully they will be gone so the kids can enjoy the ruts and dead grass in the park.

Jeff Miller


Time for new power plant is now or never

For many years now, the LMU power plant has been getting older and less efficient, and for many years now, the power plant has only been able to produce about a third of the customer power needed. The rest is bought and sold to the customer at a higher price.

Many consultants have been hired over those many years costing thousands if not millions of dollars to come up with a solution to our power needs but nobody has acted on a recommendation for many years until now, and that is our mayor, Ted Franklin. His vision is to supply all of the customers power and produce extra for growth at a fair cost and do it in an environmentally safe way.

It wasn’t that long ago soot was being deposited on our properties, smoke was rolling down the streets and the price of electricity kept going up. Who would have thought that we could get rid of our trash, supply all of our power needs and have somebody else pay for it? A dream come true.

Many years ago, Klaus Hemberger was hired to take a failing utilities and put it in the green and make it efficient. Klaus asked a reluctant LMU board, city of Logansport and LMU customers for money and got a return. Remember when it seemed just the threat of a storm would cause a power outage, but Klaus had the foresight to hire the right consultants and act on their recommendation to upgrade our power line system. Now, when there is a storm, our LMU employees are there to get the power restored as soon as possible and frequent power outages are a thing of the past.

We, as employees of LMU, are dealing with the basic necessities of life and we take that very seriously. I believe that Logansport is ready to spring to life. Soon, empty buildings will be filled, our present business will be more competitive, new businesses will be built with good-paying jobs and Logansport will be even a greater place to call home.

Brian Zimmerman