November 14, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Getting blood work has become such a process


---- — Why did the Memorial Hospital have to make something simple so inconvenient? You go for "lab" work, no coffee, no breakfast and you have to get registered, which is pure nonsense.

Your information is on the computer, before when you got in the lab, they ask your name, age and if your address or insurance was the same. You signed a paper, your blood sample was taken and you were on your way.

Now you take a number, sit down and wait to get called. (Where am I? The license branch?) Then you go in, get registered, answer questions from the computer, you answer yes or no. They do papers, unnecessary, stick it under the desk, sign a paper and then you can go get your "lab" work. Make a mountain out of a mole hole.

Also I think it's plain dumb when you need a prescription refilled, why not just call the receptionist and if it's busy call again? Punch this or that, get a nurse or leave a message then you don't know if they got the message so you can go pickup your prescription the next day. Just make it simple. A grouchy old woman.

Madella Gellinger