October 27, 2013

OUR VIEW: Looking for a few good neighbors


---- — We’re looking for a few good neighbors.

We’re looking for those people who show up to mow your yard when you’re injured. The man who shows up at an elderly neighbor’s driveway the morning after every snowy night. The woman who visits the home-bound weekly, just to be a friendly face.

We’re also looking for the tireless volunteer. The person who devotes hours and hours to a Cass County Resource Network task force with never a request for recognition. The person who spends every Friday handing out bags of food to students in need at our local schools.

The behind-the-scenes forces fueling our community events. The people who stay behind and clean up the mess after the crowds have gone home. They’re normally the same people who set up for the event.

It’s all these people whose service to us and our community often goes unnoticed. They tend to like it that way. They don’t offer a helping hand because they’ll get a paycheck when they’re done, nor do they do it for headlines and awards. They do it because it’s the right thing to do. They do it because they care about their neighbors and the community as a whole.

They do it because they’re a good neighbor. If you know one of these good neighbors, nominate them for one of our annual Good Neighbors Awards.

We hand out the awards every year because we feel good neighbors are what fuels our community. We believe these people set a good example for the rest of us to follow. We believe they deserve to be recognized. We believe they deserve headlines and awards.

The awards are designed to recognize local residents whose volunteer efforts make our communities better places to live.

Does you know someone who deserves to be called a Good Neighbor? If so, nominate them.

Here’s how:

You can drop off your nominations at our offices at 517 E. Broadway in Logansport. The fax number is 574-732-5070, and the email address is

The deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Nominations should include an explanation for why your candidate deserves recognition, as well as contact information both for you and for the person you’re nominating.

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