December 12, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Don’t be fooled by Republican spin

— Geez Louise, if I never hear the words “fiscal cliff” again, it will be too soon. The Democrats have been slapping themselves on the back for their sweeping wins on the national level in this last election. They seem to have been slow to consider the reality that the Republicans still control the gerrymandered House of Representatives and will continue to do so after this lame duck session by losing only eight seats in November in that once august political body.

Once again, the still fragile economy of our great nation finds itself being threatened by a group of conservatives who dream of destroying FDR’s 77-year-old legacy of a social safety net while protecting the tax rates of the wealthiest of our citizens. These so-called “job creators” have had over 10 years of this boon to their pocket books. During this time, people have found themselves working longer hours for the same pay, while production continues to grow at a record pace. One has to ask why we then still have such high unemployment, while they have sat on their mountains of cash obtained through a decade of these deficit growing tax breaks.

Do not let them fool you. This political contest of chicken has less to do with any fiscal responsibility than it is a blatant money grab for those who need it least by continuing to uphold the President Bush-engineered tax rates. The rest is just platitudes and buzz words thrown out by the Republicans to placate their political base and cover their tracks. It is high time for this do-nothing Congress to quit sitting on its hands and work for all American citizens, not just the most fortunate among us.

Ernest Bowman, Kokomo