October 10, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Voters need to think independently; Guardian Angels says thank you


---- — Voters need to think independently

The government is projected to spend $1.6 trillion more than it takes in, in taxes this year. In business, that would be called “losing money” instead of “making a profit.” If any organization keeps losing money, the only way it can keep spending is to borrow money.

The government has not been willing or able to stop losing money, so they keep raising the debt ceiling instead. President Obama has failed us as Americans with his out-of-control spending and no-budget attitude.

Just like the Roman Empire, the American Empire now is debasing its money, impoverishing its people, and having trouble paying its “legions.” Most government agencies primary concern now is to spend the remainder of their fiscal year budget instead of relinquishing the unused funds to help save government money. This so-called “use it or lose it” culture promotes wasteful spending and an overall lack of concern for fiscal responsibility. Are Americans clueless to just how much money its federal government wastes in one fiscal year?

In order for our country to make a 360-degree turn and start succeeding again, the American voters need to stop voting with the easy push of a one-party button. It would be breath-taking to see the working class start saying they’re now an independent. I am no longer standing to be a Republican or Democrat — sick and tired of their blame game!

The hardest thing an American voter can do is to think for themselves, investigating whom they are voting for! The whole foundation of the America government was for people to serve and get out, not to make a career out of it. The career lawyers have been running this country long enough, we need smart businessmen people who are willing to take a stand and stop the wasted spending of our tax money!

We need to take our country back as independent thinkers and independent voters, “for the people by the people.” Independents do not push one button on a election machine like the easy button you find at Staples. Hopefully voters will make changes by using ones independent voice, telling everyone, “I no longer support my old party, I am now independent!” By doing so, there would be a big change in our government and the parties’ attitudes.

Then it will no longer be America “For The Party buy The Party.”

That’s easy!

Larry Hayden


Thanks for helping nonprofit succeed

Thanks for being a part of our team — Marocco-Rans Funeral Chapel and Harrison-Metzger & Rans Funeral Home, Camelot Care Center, Guardian Angel Hospice, McClain Funeral Home, Hendrickson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and Dilling Group.

Guardian Angel Foundation would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us at our first annual “Hit a Ball for Hospice” golf outing on Sept. 25, 2013, at Logansport Golf Club. We were able to raise over $1,400 to help continue to fund the programs we support, so thank you!

Guardian Angel Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that exists to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families facing a life threatening illness whether they are hospice appropriate or not by providing non-medical services and goods, education on end-of-life issues for twenty- three communities in north central Indiana and by sponsoring a bereavement camp, Camp Angel, for children and adolescents ages 6 to 16 who have lost a loved one in their lives.

With your donation and support, we are able to continue to educate the 23 communities we serve as well as provide opportunities for comfort through grief support for children and adolescents who are having difficulty with the loss of a loved one.

Paige Walker