April 16, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Why would we restart program?


— There is so much to be said that it’s unreal. I’m sorry but even using a GPS shouldn’t take an ambulance that long to find a location. I’m sure a lot of people that have a GPS know that they’re not perfect and that when you’re getting close you start to pay close attention to the surroundings, trust me, I have one. As far as the Logansport Fire Department starting up ambulance service, that’s why Cass County stopped having service is because of all the bills that it couldn’t get collected from patients. So why would the city of Logansport even consider it? If and when times get better, the city could think of having an ambulance service even as back up to the county ambulances. Although, with all the money being appropriated for consultants, I’m sure the city of Logansport probably could come up with a little extra dough for an ambulance service and not have to worry about collecting unclaimed bills.

Rex Gangloff