October 13, 2013

OUR VIEW: Do we want a dog park?


---- — Does man’s best friend need a park of his own in Logansport?

Well, from the sounds of it, you just might get to decide.

A group of Logansport residents approached the parks and recreation board earlier this week in hopes of drumming up support for a dog park.

A driving force behind the initiative has been Elvira Cook, of Logansport. She’s being putting in the man hours to do research on other such endeavors in the surrounding area.

She presented her findings to the board and what those seeking the dog park would like to see happen. They envision a fenced-in park supervised by a monitor and equipped with controlled access via slide card. To gain access to the dog park, there would be a suggested membership fee of about $30 a year. Also, to gain membership, dog owners must have their animals spayed, neutered and up-to-date on inoculations.

Parks administrator Janet Fawley says she would love to provide the land for a dog park, since clearly the city is land heavy. But, she says, the parks department preferably would not run it. Instead, officials would like to see a community organization step up and serve that role.

But, all this applies only if the support is there.

Obviously, if there’s not widespread interest or support, it wouldn’t make sense to move forward with such a project. So, here’s the question on parks officials’ minds: What do you think? Does the city need a dog park? If a dog park were created, would you pay to use it? Do you agree with the restrictions on usage?

We’ve already received a smattering of response from readers on the subject. Readers on Facebook were divided, with some asking where can they sign up for a membership and someone saying the idea should be removed from the table.

If you’re a regular reader of our Opinion Page, you likely are quite familiar with the Question of the Week that runs every Sunday — on this very page, in fact.

It’s normally a question touching on a hot topic of the week, whether it be of local, statewide or national interest. It’s just for entertainment purposes for all to see how the community comes down on a particular topic.

But this week’s question will be a little different. This week, parks officials will actually be watching the results to get a feel for how residents feel. They’re also looking for public input through Facebook and through the parks office (email or call 574-753-6969).

As always, the Public Forum is open to all residents. Email us a letter to the editor at

But no matter which way the conversation goes, nothing will happen overnight, all involved agree. But Cook and her band of supporters have said they’re willing to put in the necessary time to get the project off the ground.

Until then, we’re all waiting on your thoughts.