October 12, 2012

Our View: Making education more attainable

The issue: Cass County’s adult education program is now offering its GED classes online.

Our view: This is a great move that makes this needed help available to even more local residents.

Cass-Logan Educational Attainment Resource took a huge step forward last month when it began to offer classes preparing students for the General Educational Development test online.

Director Tami McMahan says the move is intended to allow students with difficult schedules or transportation issues to obtain a high school  diploma. Because of the new program, McMahan said, nine students who otherwise would have been unable to complete the GED classes are taking those classes online.

Among them, she said, are two new mothers. Others simply perform better online than in a classroom setting.

All told, CLEAR has more than 200 students enrolled in its English as a new language and basic education classes.

Both online and face-to-face classes are offered free of charge to CLEAR’s students, who pay for the final GED test themselves.

All potential GED students have to register in person at CLEAR to demonstrate their interest, then can begin working through the GED material online if they go that route.

Students spend at least nine hours a week working with a program that is tailored  to their needs based on a preliminary assessment. A CLEAR instructor monitors each student’s progress and can tweak the material manually as needed.

Extensive review tools within the online program allow instructors to see exactly where a student is struggling or doing well.

The Logansport-Cass County Economic Development Foundation launched the CLEAR program two years ago in response to a community need. Business leaders had seen the statistics indicating that Logansport and Cass County were trailing the state in terms of education levels. They realized that if the city and county were going  to sell themselves to prospective employers, they had to find a way to help local residents obtain the education they needed.

The program has been a huge success, and this latest feature is just another step to making educational opportunities available.

If you or a family member needs the services CLEAR has to offer, you now have one less excuse not to pursue them. Congratulations to McMahan and the CLEAR program on making this option available.


Need help? To inquire about English as a Second Language or General Educational Development test preparation classes, call Cass-Logan Education Attainment Resource at 574-722-5209. CLEAR is located at 2815 E. Market St., Logansport.