March 9, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Sunday, March 9, 2014


---- — A helping handin an hour of need

Between 1985 and 1987, I was hospitalized several times for short-term help for severe depression. I had developed both epileptic and stress seizures, causing me to lose my job. And with other issues, I needed help.

I had long been a volunteer at the Mental Health drop-in center; now I was also needing its support. It was not designed for psychiatric therapy, but as a “safe” place where people like me would be accepted as we were. They provide rides to grocery stores and malls since few of us had cars. It was a place to make friends. This is still true today.

In 1991, United Way decided to make a video showcasing people who used the agencies they supported. They asked and I accepted a role and also later spoke to seven factory groups about the benefits of the drop-in center This was not easy, but it was a way to repay the help I had gotten. I knew we needed the United Way support.

The United Way tries to improve the quality of life for those it helps. The Mental Health center has certainly done that for many people.

This year, United Way dropped Mental Health. A certified letter on Jan. 17 requesting written reasons was ignored. No one can get a verbal answer. This is really shameful.

Any one of them could become mentally ill through accidents, illness, brain tumors, etc. It is non-discriminating. They could also need help. The board should definitely reconsider their decisions.

Barbara ColfordGoshen

Community to thankfor successful 2013

The Domestic Violence Task Force Board of Directors would like to say a heart-felt thank you to all of those individuals, companies and events that helped make 2013 successful.

Thanks to those who donated clothing items (new this year: clothing items will need to be new not used) who donated old unused cell phones, who gave monetary donations (through our yearly letter campaign, the Road Block, individually or anonymously), who bought tickets to our Dessert First Ham Dinner or our Fall Food Sampler/Silent Auction. We also thank Tyson for donating the pork for our Fall Food Sampler, National Wild Turkey Federation for donating turkeys for the holidays to our victims and their families, Willing and Able Home Extension Club for donating baskets of goodies to our victims, Walmart for donating Christmas baskets and for donating their time to volunteer to work for so many hours then donate the money made to DVTF, First United Methodist Church for donating their Christmas Eve service offering to DVTF and to their Women’s Joy Circle, Martin’s for hosting the Roof Sit then donating those proceeds to DVTF, Calvary Presbyterian Church for allowing our board to use their library for our monthly meetings and their hall for our Fall Food Sampler and for everything they do, the Eel Township Trustee, to Sarah at Dessert First and the Cass County Community Foundation.

We would not be able to do as much as we do to help those victims of domestic violence and their family members here in Cass County without the help of such a generous and wonderful community. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our 2014 events: fundraiser sale of laundry detergent and softener, Dessert First Ham Dinner this May, Fall Food Sampler, Silent Auction this fall, our yearly Letter Campaign in July and our annual DVTF Vigil (this will be the second year for this). Again our sincere gratitude and thanks to the Cass County community!

DVTF Board of Directors

Showing the carouselthe respect it deserves

During the past week, we have had some special events going on at the carousel. Recently, the Lewis Cass High School had its SADD dance at the McHale Complex, along with the carousel. It is exciting for the youth to show their support for our carousel and to show the respect it deserves. It is also exciting for us to see all of them dressed up like young adults, but still have the kid inside them shine through as they ride these amazing works of art to catch the brass ring.

Also several exchange students from area schools came to visit the carousel. They were able to get a little history lesson, along with how to master catching the rings. It was fitting to have some of them from Germany since Gustav Dentzel who made our carousel was originally from Germany.

It is opportunities like this that give our organization a chance to share with the next generation our wonderful masterpiece that we are so fortunate to have. We would like to thank them for choosing our facility and allowing us to help create memories that they will always share. It is our pleasure to welcome schools, organizations, etc. to visit and see our National Historic Landmark that has been in Logansport since 1919. Our mission will always be “to preserve and protect the Dentzel carousel for the benefit and enjoyment of the children of Cass County forever.”

Susan Hicks