December 9, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Bowyer defender wrong about war

— In his Dec. 2 letter, R.W. Julian states that Mr. Meagher thinks, wrongly, that the “South fought to defend slavery.”

Well, in fact, Mr. Meagher was right.

Mr. Julian made a point stating that “the true cause of the Civil War was not about slavery but an economic one.”

Yet like many current supposed “right-thinking” historical revisionists, he omitted many of the details in his statement. Details such as the Southern agrarian society at the time relied totally on a slavery-based work force. The devil in the details, Mr. Julian.

Another example that slavery was the major concern of the time was “The Missouri Compromise.”

In essence, Missouri’s admission as a state resulted in it being split in half. The northern half had no slavery. The southern half had slavery.

In addition, Mr. Julian never once in his writings states what “cheap shot” Mr. Meagher took against Mr. Bowyer. Such factless statements are called ad hominem attacks.

I find it laughable that Mr. Julian talks about checking facts carefully on American history or politics when he leaves so much out in his letter. The term is “cherry picking” information. You know, the suppressing of evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence.

Dennis G. McGee, North Port, Fla.