February 12, 2013

OUR VIEW: City’s 175th is everyone’s celebration

— Logansport will turn 175 years old just once. City leaders and officials have planned a year’s worth of events to mark the milestone.

From golf tournaments to galas to cemetery tours, there’s no shortage of planned festivities. But this isn’t an occasion for only city leaders and officials to celebrate. As residents of the city, it’s your birthday, too.

We encourage everyone to find an event that speaks to them and join in the celebration. If you don’t find one to your liking, plan your own. Take Thelma Conrad for example. She pushed up the Cass County Historical Society’s annual gala to coincide with the time of the city’s incorporation in 1838. This year’s event will carry a birthday theme. If your organization has an annual event, simply refocus this year’s theme to mark the city’s anniversary.

But it doesn’t have to be a big to-do. If you have a book club, read a book about the city’s history and discuss. If you’re a teacher, plan a Founder’s Day party. It could be even more simple than that. Get some friends together and tour the county museum. There’s no shortage of ways to come together as a community to celebrate our history.

A city’s history is just as important as its future, maybe even more so. They say, “You can’t see where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.” What better time than now to look back on how Logansport came to be the city it is today.

Here, at the Pharos-Tribune, we’re working on a year-long project commemorating the history of the city. We’re tackling the city’s past in chronological order, presenting a new time period every month. Just a month into our research, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available and already we’re astonished at the love of history shared in this community. The historical society and other local historians have worked to preserve this long history, and now is the chance for everyone to share in their efforts.

So we encourage you to join in the public celebration or find your own way. Either way, you won’t have the chance to celebrate our city’s 175th birthday again.