January 11, 2013

Thorns and Roses - Jan. 11, 2013

— Good luck, Berrybotics

The Pharos-Tribune sends this Rose to Logansport High School’s new robotics team:

“Organizers were hoping to at least get the attention of 12 students when work got under way to form the Berrybotics robotics competition team. But the students at Logansport High School more than answered the call, with 55 kids signing up right away.

“Those kids and organizers are now hard at work putting together a robot that we’re certain will crush the competition. That’s not to mention how much they’ll learn about science and technology in the process.

“We welcome the enthusiasm of all involved in the team and hope you have great success. Good luck!”

Thanks for

helping mom

Marcia Gallagher sends a Rose to the owner of Rekindle and everyone helping her mother when she fell:

“On Dec. 14, my mother and I were shopping and decided to go in the new business Rekindle. I helped her up the steps and she was standing on the area right outside their front door. I was opening the door for her and she was behind me. Suddenly she said, Oh my gosh, I’m falling.’

“She fell down onto the sidewalk but was also on the steps with the top part of her body. I was trying to keep her from moving her head or shoulders as I had no idea what or where she was hurt. She said she was fine, except her left leg hurt a little.

“The owner of Rekindle called 911 for me and gave me a pillow for her head and a blanket to cover her. As quick as she fell there was a group of people stopping to help us. I’m so thankful to each and everyone of you. My mother broke her hip when she fell and is doing well as she recovers at Woodbridge. It was very heartwarming to see so many caring people stopping to help us. Thank you.”

Love in a time of loss

The family of Robert G. Peattie sends a Rose to everyone who expressed kindness for the loss of their father, husband and grandfather:

“The family of Robert G. Peattie would like to thank Kroeger Funeral Home, Pastor Dean Fager, the First United Methodist Church men’s group, Jeneanne Byers and the ladies in the kitchen and everyone who lifted us up in prayer, sent cards, sent flowers, gave a handshake or a hug or expressed kind words in the loss of our father, husband and grandpa. Thank you so much.”