January 7, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Let's show the snow plow drivers some respect


---- — Be part of the solution, not the problem

All I ever read in the paper about the plow drivers who clean the snow from our streets are negative. “The driver plowed my driveway closed just after I had opened it up.” “The driver threw the snow 20 feet up onto my freshly shoveled sidewalk.” “The driver never cleans close enough to the curb so I can park my car at the curb without having half my car sticking out in the driving lane.”

I have heard them all, because in the early years of living at this address, I myself have used them all. But I found out that the homeowner, me, could so some things to lessen the problems. I went to Rural King and bought 10-15 of those little red flags with 12-15 inches of wire on them. I stuck one of those flags about every 15-20 feet just a couple inches inside the edge of the curb along the front of my property. These little flags only cost about 14 cents apiece.

As one of the plow drivers was driving by, I flagged him down, gave him a bottle of water to drink and explained that I had put the little flags along the inside edge of the curbs to help him know where the curb actually was located. He said thanks and went on plowing. When he made his last pass near the curbing, I noticed that he had slowed down quite a bit, not throwing the snow the 4 feet to my freshly cleaned sidewalk and that he had cleaned right up beside the curb. My problem was solved.

Now whenever I hear him coming down my street, and I am able to do so, I run out a bottle of water for him to drink. A little mutual respect for each other goes a long way, especially during a long, nasty winter like I expect this one to be.

Jack Fultz