January 5, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014


---- — Environmental nightmare or a home run for the city?

The city of Logansport will be considering contracts that promise a windfall. We have been told, and several prominent consultants seem to say, that Logansport can have a power plant for free. This involves receiving vast amounts of refuse and burning it through the “Pyrolyzer” process to generate electricity. A not so “small and insignificant” group of people find fault with this. I encourage everyone to consider the facts involved with this proposal, and the likely results of the contracts under consideration.

The Logansport City Council and Utility Service Board may enter into this multimillion dollar agreement with Pyrolyzer LLC of Boca Raton, Fla. Pyrolyzer LLC has previously mentioned investment through a company from the Isle of Mann, (think Cayman Islands). These investors would be paid back, with profit, in 20 years. Pyrolyzer has shown representatives of Logansport a pilot plant in Germany. It is evidently a version of what is proposed for Logansport.

We are to believe that a full-scale generating plant will operate on a much more regular basis then has ever been observed. Logansport would have a facility taking in a hundred rail cars of refuse including tires, every day, and generate electricity from burning it. On the profit side would be money received from the providers/source of the refuse. Unclear is the impact this refuse demand would have on our local Oak Ridge RDF. Waste Management currently pays a considerable amount of money to Logansport and Cass County through tipping fees generated there.

We have not been given an analysis of pollution from this pyrolysis process. Key answers to the Request for Proposal have not been, even now, given to us. This calls into question whether the city of Logansport and Pyrolyzer should be negotiating at all. We have been shown sketchy drawings of the proposed facility. Imagine all those rail cars of municipal refuse rolling into this plant. Think how pungent the odors would be. That aroma would likely be the reality in the vicinity of the sorting facility.

Are we to believe that Pyrolyzer LLC can deliver a $500,000,000.00 facility that will be turned over in an environmentally friendly, fully functioning condition in 20 years to Logansport for free? That would certainly be a home run. I expect it to end up being a foul ball.

Craig Rennemann


A slap in the faceof Americans

In reference to your article the 25th of December titled ‘Obama enrolls for health coverage:”

I have never in my life, seen a president try to showcase his blunders and lies. It is a slap in the face to the American people who have lost their insurance coverage.

I guess it will continue as long as the liberal news will gloss over and back him.

I’ve been waiting for [Pharos-Tribune columnists] Brian Howey and Gene Lyons to tell us how much cheaper their insurance is with Obamacare.

Carl Sell