December 29, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013


---- — Citizens urged to stop plant project now

As a physician who worked in California as an expert in the toxicity of industrial vapors, I am blown away by the continued intention of Logansport’s mayor and city council to pursue Pyrolyzer in spite of the known environmental and health dangers that would result. I treated exposed workers suffering from nausea, dizziness, weakness, memory deficits, mood disorders, and behavioral problems which harmed their work and family life.

Six thousand tons of trash hauled into Logansport to be burned daily to give us electricity is an incredibly foolish plan, especially when other safer options are available. I urge Logansport citizens to insist that our city government stop this project now.

E. Daniel Nusbaum


Thanks for an evenbetter Christmas

Every year, the Emmaus Mission Center makes Christmas gift bags for some of the senior citizens in the Logansport area, and we’d like to send out a special thank you to all those who helped! This year, we had extra funds that let us give the senior citizens two gift bags, one with a Christmas present and some essentials and another bag with food.

Collecting items from organizations and businesses throughout the community sometimes takes up the whole year. This year we had donations from the following people and organizations: Beacon Federal Credit Union, Closson Lumber, Coffing Ro-Way Doors, Emmaus Mission Center, Jack Gorris DDS, INCOM Wholesale Supply, Ed Jeroski, Kroeger Funeral Home, Kroger in Peru, Shelia Laing, Logansport Savings Bank, Cathy and Jerry Lombardi, MPR Realty, Mainstreet Market on 3rd Street, Mainstreet Market on 14th Street, Martin’s Supermarket, Mike Martin, River of Life Church, Shepler Construction, Bob and Christy Skinner, and XI Gamma XI Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.

Collecting the items is a big part of this project, but none of it would have come together without the huge help of our volunteers this year! They are Brian Cole, Emily Cole, the Rev. Darlene De Haai, Deb Heilman, Joe Leffert, Mike Martin, Barb Mills, Diane Mills, Jennifer Puga, Christy Skinner, Vic and Mary Sutton, Karen, Mike and Troy.

From the Emmaus Mission Center, a big thank you and Happy Holidays to all those who helped to make this blessing possible!

Mary Beth Burkhart


Nonprofit was the only one who would help

I’m one of those mentally ill people that the United Way doesn’t want to fund. I don’t get it. I have spent lots of time down at the Mental Health Association and all I see is the two people working to help people like me. I’ve never seen anyone from the United Way down there. Do they even know all the help that is given to people like me? What are the names of the people that made that stupid decision?

I really want their numbers to ask them just what they know about what goes on at the Mental Health Association. When I couldn’t get help from anyone in this town, Mental Health Association helped me. I tried the United Way and they sent me to the Mental Health Association. What’s the deal? I must have been too dirty. They let me take a shower and gave me clean clothes.

Ronald E. Jelinek Jr.