November 1, 2012

PUBLIC FORUM: Stebbins has made right decisions

— When considering who to vote for, it is difficult for the average voter to know who would represent them the best.

As a city councilman who works with county councilmen on a regular basis, I can tell you first hand that George Stebbins has one of the strongest work ethics of any councilman who I work with. As a consistent fiscal conservative, he makes the difficult decisions, and sometimes says “no” when it would be much easier to just say “yes.”

The hardest part of being a councilman is to say “no.” It takes a leader to make that decision. I believe that is why George’s fellow councilmen selected him to be the president of the County Council. 

As a successful small-business owner, he knows what it takes to create jobs. As a councilman, he knows what it takes to promote a pro-business environment while at the same time standing up for the taxpayer and not “giving away the farm” to attract new business. We need a leader like George Stebbins to make those decisions.

I personally know all of the candidates for the County Council, both Republican and Democrats, and I know they are all qualified and are all good people who care about our community, but you could not make a better choice to represent you for the next four years on the Cass County Council than George Stebbins. 

I have already voted for the team of George Stebbins, Jeff LeDonne and Stacey Donato for County Council, and I hope others will join me in electing this team for the future of Cass County.

Bob Bishop

City councilman, Ward 1