May 26, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Happy with direction being taken by officials


— The North American Power industry is experiencing one of the biggest shake-ups in its history. Abundant natural gas, new environmental rules, aging infrastructure, plant retirements and an increasing portfolio of renewable energy projects are pulling the industry in new directions.

I think the mayor, the superintendent of the utility service board and city council have all done a fantastic job of bringing together a group of experts in the area of energy, environmental assessments, environmental permitting, governmental policy, public consultation and civil engineering.

To help us make sense of these trends integrated gasification, combined-cycle projects are hotly debated as an emerging clean technology. I think Pyrolyzer is a great option for the potential replacement of our coal plant. I, along with many people in this community, think this is a great idea to continue to generate electricity and keep some local control and further ownership. Great job and keep up the good work.

John Ward