August 15, 2013

WILLIAMS: Going to Healing Place

By Vicki Williams
Local columnist

---- — My friends and I are all in our mid-60s and I am the healthiest one of the bunch. This is so even though Brenda works out and relentlessly maintains her weight ... even though LeAnn is a speed walker ... even though Blythe walks, swims and bike rides. LeAnn and Blythe have never smoked; Brenda quit 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, there is me – a plump, mostly sedentary, self-indulgent smoker. I take fewer medicines than them. I have fewer aches and pains than them. I go to the doctor less often than them. (Not to say I couldn’t keel over tomorrow.)

I’ve always had a Healing Place and I assumed everyone did until I came to realize that most people appear to be unaware of the vital link between mind and body and the ways they cooperate for good health. It seems most people suffer through an ailment or turn themselves over to a doctor. Either-or.

When I go to bed at night, I count backwards from 21 (which is simply a relaxation technique). At one, I ask to go to The Healing Place. (It doesn’t matter whom you ask, it could be your God or simply the Life Force within all of us.)

The Healing Place isn’t always the same. I don’t control the scene with my conscious mind. Instead I have an attitude of curiosity about where I will find myself. The visual starts with something small, like the single blossom of a flower. As I focus on its colors and the shape of its petals, the view expands. I see the flower is blooming on a sand dune. Off to one side is a palmetto. I feel the warmth of the sand on my feet. I hear the soft rush of waves. As I mentally turn, the ocean is before me. A pelican is flying across the horizon. There is a sea-salt tang in the air.

Another night might begin with a cardinal in a tree growing in what becomes a green alpine valley, its floor starred with wildflowers, geese landing on a crystal clear lake, the fragrance of pines.

Wherever The Healing Place turns out to be, it is surrounded by a clear gold light... the healing light. It bathes me. I can feel it penetrating my body to wash bones and organs and blood with its curative properties. I call on it to especially concentrate on any particular area of pain or disease.

I think all the senses must be engaged at The Healing Place. You must see, feel, smell, hear and touch to ensure you have brought your total being there. I think The Healing Place is a way of freeing your subconscious to assist in your own health.

The Healing Place doesn’t replace traditional medicine. I would never advocate not going to a doctor for a serious situation. Rather, it supplements your treatment by giving it an additional boost.

Perhaps it is New Age nonsense. Or maybe it is something you’d like to try if you have a throbbing shoulder or aching knee. It certainly can do no harm and it relieves stress if nothing else. I always fall asleep to the smell of roses or the sounds of birds singing. It’s fun to find out where you are as the scene unfolds. My Healing Place is always nature-oriented, but wherever it is, it must be safe, serene and beautiful. For you that might be a cathedral or it might be a sailboat.

Do I think The Healing Place is the sole reason I seem to be healthier than my friends? No, I’m sure genes play a large part. But do I think it is a contributing factor? Absolutely.

If you let your subconscious free, do you wonder where it would take you?

Vicki Williams is a columnist for the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached through the newspaper at