September 20, 2012

Public forum

Thanks for great day in Lucerne

I just returned from “Kids’ Day at Lucerne.” I was one of those “kids”! I hardly recognized anybody there, but I certainly knew almost everyone! Aged adults  mostly came from all over the state and farther. They even brought food and soft drink to feed about 200 Lucerne Lions and their spouses and children.

There were old friends I grew up with and hadn’t seen for 50 years. Many graduated from Lucerne High School and/or attended school in Lucerne before  consolidation. Most lived in Lucerne and Harrison Township most of their young lives, and many still do.

What a good time most of us had reminiscing and renewing old relationships. The younger attendees, sons and daughters about 30 to 40 years old, also added to the enjoyment of the day by their presence and their conversation. We all had something in common; we enjoyed talking about Lucerne. Everyone seemed in a  joyful mood including spouses who had no official ties to Lucerne except their mates.

The purpose of this note is to thank all of you dedicated, young people who made this party possible and still hold Lucerne dear. Secondly, thank all of you  attendees for sharing this day with me. And lastly, a special thanks to Bill, Beth and Carolyn. The old Cub saying, “I can’t wait till next year!”

Casey Jones, Logansport