Everyone wins with wind

This is a response to a letter to the editor from Brian Papak ("Common sense concerns over wind turbines," April 11). I'm sorry to say this, but your common sense concerns come off as a little extreme.

Everyone wins with wind. If your neighbor has a turbine on his land, that means you both get payments from the developer. Taxpayers are winners too, thanks to millions of dollars that will be invested in the county. That money could go toward new roads or better schools.

Those steel facilities that build parts for wind energy are going to directly benefit steelworkers and Indiana families.

Wind energy is not bad for the environment. It does not pollute the air while generating power. When we use wind, we replace other forms of electricity production that produce dangerous chemicals that seep into our water, pollute our air and endanger our health. No matter how much you "clean" coal, wind will always be cleaner.

Wind critics love to pull out the same Warren Buffet quote about subsidies. I've heard it many times now, but it's from years ago. Here's how Buffett feels about wind now, even while knowing the subsidies will expire: "We have got a big appetite for wind or solar ... the more there is the better." He also said last year: "If you are tied to coal you got problems. Coal is going to go down over time."

Trying to use Indiana's controversial school funding process as an excuse to deny investment is kind of backwards. If schools can actually afford to bus kids to school and renovate outdated facilities, it will make every teacher's job easier. More money to pay off debt means less money that needs to come from your property taxes.

Turbines are getting taller because they're getting more efficient. Decommissioning agreements are a typical part of a wind farm contract and will be negotiated with commissioners.

Your final suggestions are going to be horrible for the community. That 2,640-foot property-line setback is what cost Ohio $4.2 billion in investment over the past two years. If we shoot ourselves in the foot like that, our county will get passed over in favor of Benton and White counties, or developers will leave our state entirely. Then we're all losers.

— Patricia L. Benedict, Logansport

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