January 22, 2014

Young to run in Boston Marathon

From Staff Reports

---- — BOSTON — Logansport native Jamie Young will run in this year’s Boston Marathon, according to the Boston Globe.

Young, an assistant coach for the Celtics, well remembers last year’s tragedy at the marathon, the Globe reported.

On that April Monday last year, Young stepped off the treadmill at the Celtics’ practice facility in Waltham and hurried to check in with his colleagues.

Young was concerned, because he knew that Doc Rivers, then the Celtics coach, and forward Jeff Green were both living in downtown Boston. He hoped both were OK.

For the next few days, with the city locked down as authorities searched for the suspects who bombed the Boston Marathon, Young, like many others in Boston and around the country, struggled to focus on anything but the tragedy itself.

Eventually, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two bombing suspects, was captured hiding in a boat in Watertown, roughly a mile from where Young lives.

And on the one-year anniversary of the bombing this April, Young plans to again go for a run, only this time in the Boston Marathon. It would be his first marathon of any kind.

For Young, the event carries personal meaning. He’s been on the Celtics’ coaching staff far longer than anyone else, with this season his 13th in Boston. And though he hails from Indiana, today Young says, proudly, “I’m a New Englander.”

Young was asked to run the marathon on behalf of the Celtics’ charity, the Shamrock Foundation, which approached him about a month ago.

“When they asked, I was like, ‘Yeah, it would be great to do that,’ “ Young told the Globe. He visited the finish line last summer when the last business to be damaged by the bombs finally reopened. “It’s an honor. To the people of Boston, I don’t know if me running honors anyone in particular, but it is exciting to do it because of the circumstances.”

Young considers himself a runner now, but he wasn’t always.

“I started running after my dad passed away from a heart attack,” he said.

That was in 2007, on the same day the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett, and Young’s father, Tom Young, was just 56.

Young had been health conscious before, but his father’s death deepened his resolve to take care of his body, so he started running a few miles a day, just as a workout.

Then he ran a few races during the summer. He has run 5Ks and 10Ks, and he said the farthest he has run so far is 13.1 miles, half the length of a marathon.

“Now, I’m doing this,” Young told the Globe. Young, 38, is trim but stocky, thick through the chest and arms.

His days begin at about 5 a.m., as he likes to run before work becomes hectic. He’ll aim for a few miles, maybe more, and that figure is increasing as the Marathon nears.

He wears a Nike Fuelband fitness tracker that tells him how many steps he has taken, and he has an app on his phone that tells him the total distance he covered.

On Young’s twitter account (@jamieallenyoung), almost every tweet details his daily runs — like clockwork, a new update pops up early each morning.