November 2, 2013

China trip winds down with more visits, farewell dinner

by Whitney Jennings
For the Pharos-Tribune

Editor’s note: Members of the Logansport girls basketball team are visiting China this week for a historic trip. The Lady Berries are the first team from Indiana to make an in-season trip overseas, as Monday was the first official practice day for IHSAA girls basketball teams. The following is a journal that senior Whitney Jennings is writing for the Pharos-Tribune.

Saturday, Day 7

Our trip is almost over. Tomorrow we will get up early, eat breakfast, and drive to Shanghai to fly home.

We began our last full day in China by visiting the Dongyang Woodcarvings City, which featured four floors of beautiful woodcarvings. Part of it was a museum and the other part was a market where people could buy products. The city of Dongyang is famous for this type of art.

We then drove the short distance from Dongyang to Yiwu, a city around the size of Indianapolis. We ate lunch at the Yiwu Industrial Commercial College. Before heading back to Jinhua for our farewell dinner, we spent a few hours at the Yiwu International Trade Mart, the largest shopping center in the world. It consisted of five districts. Due to time constraints, we only visited District 1, but there were plenty of shops to keep us busy for three hours.

Our farewell dinner was great. It was so nice to eat one more dinner with the people who have made this an amazing trip for us. Their hospitality over the past week was second to none.

Over the course of the last seven days many memories have been made. We all have so many quotes, stories and pictures to share with everyone at home. Although none of us mastered the art of using chopsticks, we greatly improved. Forks were hard to find at times.

We’re all very appreciative of everyone who donated money and worked hard to make this trip a success. We are also so thankful for the generosity of the Chinese. They showered us with many gifts. It was an experience that we’ll remember the rest of our lives. Maybe in the future some of the Chinese students we met will come to Logansport to visit. I realized that kids are the same everywhere. We all have hopes, fears and dreams. I’m hopeful that I can keep in contact with a couple of the students I met.

It’s now time to shift our focus to the upcoming basketball season. I’m extremely anxious to get on the court with all of my teammates on Monday and make this another great year of Logansport girls basketball!

Editors note: the team will be flying in to Chicago Sunday night and plans to return to Logansport around 9 or 10 o’clock.