February 28, 2013

Hospital to hire doctor for workplace

Small parts ends contract for clinic

by Caitlin Huston

— The Logansport Memorial Hospital is looking to hire a physician to help with workplace injuries and health conditions.

Hospital CEO Dave Ameen said they’re in contract negotiations with a doctor they hope to hire to work on a rotating basis at the companies they partner with in Cass County. Though the hospital used to provide staff for the clinic in Small Parts, the plant decided to go with another company for its clinic.

Ameen said the hospital currently has a nurse practitioner leading the Healthy Companies program, which helps take care of workplace injuries at the plants and helps try to make the plants safer.

The hospital is currently working out a contract with a doctor to work full-time with the companies.

“We’re talking to some businesses that would like a physician on their site,” Ameen said.  

Ameen said he would expect the physician to start in March or April.

The hospital will be pulling its two staff members from the clinic they currently have at Small Parts, Inc. after the company decided to end the contract with the hospital.

The contract will be over in March, Ameen said. He said this is the only clinic they have within a company in Cass County.

Mike Winings, vice president of Human Development at Small Parts, said they will be moving over to the Indianapolis-based company, Our Health, to provide staff members for the clinic.

He said they had been looking at different providers in order to meet more qualities for their workers.

“We were looking to really satisfy the due diligence requirements,” Winings said.

They will now have 40 hours of coverage, instead of the 16 hours offered by the hospital, he said.

Winings said the services will be provided at “a comparable rate” to the services the hospital provided.

He added that they haven’t yet signed a contract with the company.

Caitlin Huston is a staff reporter of the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5148 or

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