February 26, 2013

Rocky Buffum: From the Red Cross to Logan housing authority

After six years with the American Red Cross, Buffum takes job with Logansport city housing authority

by Amie Sites

— After traveling to Indianapolis twice a week and covering 57 counties, Rocky Buffum said he is happy to be back in Logansport.

Buffum, who has worked with the American Red Cross for almost six years, began working at the Housing Authority for the city of Logansport as its executive director since Feb. 1.

Buffum said he will be looking for opportunities to expand the position.

“I really enjoy it,” Buffum said. “It’s an opportunity to work close to family.”

Buffum said it is nice to be living in town and not have as much windshield time going to and from work.  

“Going from 57 counties to one city has been a nice reduction in workload,” Buffum said. “I missed going to community functions. A lot of times I wouldn’t make it back in time to attend and if I did, I didn’t have energy to go.”

Buffum, who is from Kokomo, moved to Logansport in July of 2009. He attended Kokomo High School and has a Master of Public Administration, Disaster Management.

He said March would have been six years working for the American Red Cross.

Dorsey Hart, who works with the Mideast division in fundraising at the American Red Cross, worked with Buffum.

Hart said Buffum had several different positions within the Red Cross over the years. His most recent position was the grants officer for the Indianapolis region, where he worked with Hart.  

Buffum previously worked as an emergency service director for the North Central Indiana Chapter and the executive director of the Cass County American Red Cross chapter.

“Rocky was always a joy to work with,” Hart said. “He was committed to doing the best he could and looked for ways to help approve the areas of grant writing.”

Hart said he would come to work early and stay late.

“He has a nice sense of humor and is sort of a prankster at times,” Hart laughed. “We all enjoyed having him here.”

Buffum’s first job for the American Red Cross was an instructor for health and safety services at the American Red Cross Howard-Tipton Chapter.

Buffum said the American Red Cross afforded him the chance to meet and help a lot of people. He was also able to help with regional and state issues.

There are two things he is looking forward to the most, he said: the growing opportunities of housing options and figuring out how to serve Logansport with federal resources.

“Logansport has done a lot for me and I look forward to giving back,” Buffum said. “I’m excited for what the future holds.”