December 3, 2012

Logansport juvenile facility: Near perfect score in audit

Audit a step to re-accreditation

by Caitlin Huston

LOGANSPORT — The Logansport Juvenile Correctional facility received high marks in its re-accreditation audit completed Thursday.

Rated by an audit team from the American Corrections Association, the juvenile corrections scored 100 percent compliance in mandatory categories and 97.8 percent in non-compliance categories. The facility will find out if they receive re-accreditation at a January hearing.

The audit team conducted a two-and-a-half day evaluation to evaluate every part of the facility, including programs and services, health and management.

Before revealing the score, Roger Chute, head of the audit team, praised the corrections facility for its overall safety and security and the health of the juveniles.

“Overall very impressed with what you do,” Chute said.

He also said he was impressed by the education numbers, citing the fact that from April 2010 to November 2012, the facility had 267 juveniles receive a GED or high-school diploma.

“That’s a testament to success of what you’re doing with kids,” Chute said.

The facility met 36 of the mandatory standards for a 100 percent score, but missed out on seven standards in non-compliance.

“That’s an excellent score,” Chute said.

Chute said five of the standards are things the facility does not have control over, like low-hanging ceilings in the recreation room. The other two were a result of having First-Aid kits that were not up-to-date and not being able to verify qualifications of an employee who does light-testing.

The next step for the facility will be to appear before a panel in January, where a hearing will be held for their accreditation.

Superintendent Lori Harshbarger said she was pleased with the score and that she believes they’ll be able to fix the few problems.

Harshbarger said the facility seeks accreditation as a way to measure their work.

“It reassures us that we’re going the right direction,” Harshbarger said.