September 10, 2013

Light Up Logansport Parade canceled this year

Event revamped to join Logan's Landing Downtown Open House.

by Mitchell Kirk Pharos-Tribune

---- — While the cancellation of the Light Up Logansport Parade means downtown won’t be nearly as bright this year on the day after Thanksgiving, organizers say they have revamped the annual event to ensure the message behind it won’t be in the dark.

A press release issued by the Logansport Parks and Recreation Department states the Light Up Logansport Committee has decided to cancel the parade and instead provide a “Light Up Logansport Celebration” at Little Turtle Waterway and Heritage Park in cooperation with the Logan’s Landing Downtown Open House Dec. 5.

“As times have changed, we feel that it is in our community’s best interest to change with them,” the release states. “As businesses and organizations streamline their workforce, we hope to provide them with a promotional opportunity through the use of stationary displays at Heritage Park and Little Turtle Waterway.”

Logansport Parks Administrator Jan Fawley, who formerly served as chairwoman of the Light Up Logansport Parade Committee, said she and the other organizers are still working out the details, but that the event will allow local businesses and organizations to set up lighted displays in Little Turtle Waterway and Heritage Park, which will remain for the month of December.

“We’re still going to make up Little Turtle and Heritage Park with lots of lights and lots of displays and we’re still going to try to sell displays that are in the park so different businesses and organizations can sponsor one of them,” Fawley said. “People who have done floats who have always put something in the park can still do that if they want to. They can still create their own display.”

Fawley said the time and effort required to take part in the parade has swayed businesses and organizations from participating in the past.

“I think there’s always been a time crunch for businesses and trying to get their labor to work on floats has always been a challenge,” she said. “I think that’s one of the things we’ve heard is that businesses would have liked to be involved but don’t want to put the time and effort in a float for the parade.”

Fawley added she hopes all of the lights in the parks will inspire more residents to decorate their homes.

“That’s the focus — lighting up not just the parks, but the community,” she said.

Music performed on the Cass County Community Foundation stage and children’s activities will be a part of the event as well, the release states.

Logan’s Landing Promotional Committee Chairman Greg Packard stated in the release, “I am excited to see the new direction we are headed. I think the public will love the enhancements Light Up Logansport brings to the already festive and fun Downtown Christmas Open House. While the parade will surely be missed, I think the outcome of the event will more than make up for it.”

The parade was held in downtown Logansport for the last 12 years. Last year, 37 floats participated.

Mitchell Kirk is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. He can be reached at 574-732-5130 or