March 19, 2013

Cass County to host parcel sale

Bottom bids range from $25 to $100

by Mitchell Kirk

— Cass County will be holding a Commissioner Certificate Sale tomorrow featuring over 100 properties with minimum bids ranging from $25 to $100.

The sale will be conducted by Synergistic Resources Integration, Inc., known as SRI, a company that specializes in tax sales, deed sales and foreclosure sales. It begins at 10 a.m. in the Commissioner Hearing Room on the second floor of the Cass County Government Building, 200 Court Park.

Dave Arnold, president of the Cass County Commissioners, said the properties for sale include full lots, partial lots, buildings and homes whose owners have not paid taxes on them in a year and a half or more and are left over from the county’s Class A Tax Sale in October. For the Commissioner Certificate Sale, prices have been reduced and all taxes have been waived except for federal liens.

“We set a price where it’s very affordable and somebody can buy that property and they now have the money to at least start getting it fixed up,” Arnold said.

Arnold said potential buyers have to wait up to 120 days before taking ownership of any purchased properties. Should the original owner reacquire the property in that time, the buyer would receive a full refund plus 10 percent interest.

Arnold said the reason for this kind of sale is to restore property tax income to the county and give buyers an opportunity to fix up properties.

“No. 1, we need properties back on the tax roll,” Arnold said. “The next thing is we need things cleaned up. They have the moneys by buying it through this so now they can have moneys to spend on getting things fixed up and cleaned up.”

Van Ide, Cass County auditor, said turnouts for this sale in the past have varied.

“It depends,” Ide said. “I’ve been up there where there have been five people. The last one we had 20-some. This one will probably bring more because the very bottom bid is $25 or $50.”

A list of the properties for sale can be found at

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