July 31, 2013

Interruptions varied for area schools

By Amie Sites Pharos-Tribune

---- — As the results from a testing expert rolled in this week, area school superintendents were weighing the study’s results and examining how their schools’ experiences stacked up to others across the state.

Some schools fared better than others, but all were affected by the outages that interrupted the online ISTEP+ assessment.

Coming in with the highest percentage of students affected locally were Caston Community School Corporation and Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation. They each saw 29 percent of their students affected by the computer glitches.

For Caston, that’s 100 students; and for Eastern Pulaski, that’s 158 students.

Having several labs, teachers and faculty at Eastern Pulaski are familiar with using technology for testing, said Superintendent Dr. Bob Klitzman. Before ISTEP testing, Klitzman said, they hadn’t experienced any issues.

Saying he doesn’t favor having one high-stake test, Klitzman said the corporation won’t do anything radical on one piece of information.

“If the ISTEP scores, for example, stick out as abnormal, we aren’t going to give it more credence with what’s going on,” Klitzman said. “We won’t hold the scores against a student. There are too many variables on a good day, let alone a day where there are issues.”

Coming in as close seconds with the most problems experienced were Southeastern School Corp. and Pioneer Regional School Corp., with 28 percent (148 students) and 22 percent (98) affected, respectively.

Logansport Community School Corp. and Rochester Community School Corp. both saw 17 percent of students affected. That’s 303 students and 107 students experiencing problems testing, respectively.

Delphi Community School Corp. and Carroll Consolidated School Corp. had the smallest problem locally with only 9 percent, or 63 students, and 5 percent, or 26 students, experiencing problems.

For now, Carroll superintendent Chris Lagoni said the corporation is comparing the numbers they submitted to the results that were reported this week.

Statewide problems: A map of reported interruptions in each school district during the exam can be found at ISTEPinterruptions.html.