December 9, 2013

The Salvation Army at critical funding levels

The Salvation Army's donations down by almost 50 percent

By Amie Sites Pharos-Tribune

---- — The Logansport Salvation Army is short of its goal to raise $145,000 to support the organization’s programs throughout the year.

“It is critical,” Major Rose Eagle said.

So far, the Christmas campaign has generated $32,204, which is almost $31,000 less than the expected December amount.

At this time last year, $64,115 had been raised.

The money is raised through fundraisers, mailed donations or donations to the Red Kettles. Eagle said they haven’t received as many donations as expected.

Money raised goes toward rent and utilities and the various programs at the Salvation Army.

“$30,000 is a lot of money to try to cut out of our budget,” Eagle said. “The money isn’t just for the Christmas season, it’s for the whole year.”

Some of the programs offered are for youth, adults and include the feeding program and the food pantry.

The campaign will be kept open until Jan. 14. Those interested in helping can mail donations or give to the Red Kettles.

Other ways to help are by donating to the tree forest at the Salvation Army right now. This year, the organization is having a modified tree forest when a business or company donates money, the name is put on a star and placed on a bulletin board. There are various sizes of trees for the different amounts of donations. Those interested in making a donation can call 574-722-1979 and ask Eagle or Cadet Shannon Forney.

Volunteers are needed to ring bells and purchase a tag from the angel tree. There are about 20 tags left, Eagle said. Those who want pick up a tag and buy gifts can come to the Salvation Army, 620 Wilkinson St., Logansport. To sign up to become a bell ringer, call the Salvation Army at 574-722-1979.

Besides volunteering or donating money, Eagle said people can pray.

“If we don’t reach our goal, this will be critical all year long,” Eagle said.

If there is a shortfall in this year’s fundraising, employees and programs may have to be cut back, Eagle said.

“... [cutting back] is the worst thing that can happen to our community,” Eagle said. “I’m nervous about making our goal.”

The organization provides resources for people who may not get helped at another agency, Eagle said.

“We don’t just help them with physical needs, but emotional and spiritual needs,” Eagle said. “This is a place of safety for many people – to come here and know that it’s going to be OK.”

Amie Sites is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5117 or Follow her: @PharosAES.

Want to help? Call the Logansport Salvation Army at 574-722-1979.