July 24, 2013

Hedrick prepares for the school year as superintendent

by Amie Sites

WALTON — It’s been a busy summer for Trudie Hedrick, new superintendent of the Southeastern School Corporation.

“It has been extremely busy, but it has been a good busy,” Hedrick said.

Hedrick, who has been Galveston Elementary School principal since 2008, wants to see an increased focus on academics and technology.

She mentioned there will be a lot of emphasis on what faculty can do to help children excel and also what they can do to help with remediation.

The addition of two new job positions, a coordinator of student services and data analyst, will be helpful resources in the efforts to help students succeed, she said.

Shadowing John Bevan, who retired after 14 years as superintendent of the corporation, made it a smooth transition, Hedrick said. As former principal at Galveston Elementary School, Hedrick has worked with Bevan since 2008.

“We have a remarkably friendly relationship and the six months provided the opportunity to see how the corporation and other schools in the district operate,” Bevan said. “For any first-year superintendent, any mentoring you can get provides a tremendous head start. She was an eager learner.”

Hedrick said the opportunity gave her a jump start.

Technology is also on the top of her list. Hedrick wants to see an increase in the amount of technology available to students in the classroom.

Students are currently allowed to bring their own electronic devices to the classroom, but Hedrick noted that some students did not have access to those devices. She hopes to get faculty on board with technology to assure they are preparing students for their life after high school.

“The decisions I make are based on what is best for the students,” Hedrick said. “I always say if I wouldn’t want it for my own kids I wouldn’t want it for yours.”

Though she grew up in Montgomery County and later moved to Carroll County in the 1980s, Hedrick said she has a lot of ties to the community. Her grandmother graduated from Galveston High School in 1935.

Something Hedrick hopes to see stay the same is the community-feel to the corporation.

“I like the fact we are a close-knit community and want to make sure those in the corporation know I support them,” Hedrick said. “I want them to know they can call, email or walk in my door and come talk to me. I’m very approachable.”

Hedrick has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Purdue University and a master’s degree from West Texas A&M University. She is working on a doctoral degree at Ball State University.

She and her husband, Jim, have been married for 36 years in August and have 5 children. The eldest is 33 and the youngest is a soon-to-be freshman at Trine University. They have five grandchildren with a sixth on the way.

She also plans to be spending time out in the classrooms.

”I want students, teachers to know I’m here for them,” Hedrick said. “They may not always like the answer I give, but I will always listen and answer questions.”

Amie Sites is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5117 or