December 25, 2012

Last minute shopping

Late shoppers hit area stores

by Jason M. Rodriguez


SPRAWLING THE MALL: The Logansport Mall was lively Monday as shoppers squeezed in some last-minute shopping before Christmas.

The old saying goes, “Nice guys finish last.” Well, apparently the same can be said about their shopping habits.

As the weekend before Christmas led to the final full day of Christmas shopping Monday, thousands flocked to Logansport area stores to find those perfect gifts for the special people in their lives. And the gender gap was pretty evident to managers and volunteers alike.

“We’ve had mostly nice men today,” said Mary Leffert, who was volunteering to wrap gifts Monday afternoon for Delta Chi Sigma in the Logansport Mall. The sorority has been volunteering to wrap Christmas gifts in the mall for nearly 35 years. She credits mall management’s kind accommodations for keeping the fundraising program continuing, which helps children with arthritis.

She said the few days leading to Christmas were filled with a variety of gifts to wrap, including toys, clothes and even some nice jewelry.

“We see a lot of pretty things,” Leffert said.

Susan Hicks, who was also volunteering Monday to wrap gifts, said although Monday’s foot traffic in the mall appeared to be steady, the gift-wrapping assignments came from time to time.

“It kind of came sporadically,” she said.

A recent survey by Consumer Reports showed that 66 percent of people still hadn’t finished their holiday shopping as of Friday. The survey also showed 14 percent of people had yet to start their holiday shopping Friday and 9 percent of people surveyed planned to shop Monday. The survey also showed 62 percent of last-minute shoppers were most likely to grab a gift card.

On Logansport’s east side, Sarah Kinch, store manager for maurices, said their Christmas-themed gift cards were nearly sold out, and gift card sales overall this season were pretty solid.

“We’ve increased a lot for those,” Kinch said of the store that has now completed its second holiday season in Logansport.

She said the store tends to see more men walking its aisles days before Christmas and the women it sees are traditionally ones buying clothing they plan to wear at Christmas events.

“This time of year, this close to Christmas, we tend to see more men,” Kinch said. “I think it’s been good. We’ve had increased traffic, so that’s always good.”