December 25, 2012

Airport adds airplane hangar

Six-plane hangar to be completed in June

by Caitlin Huston

— The Logansport/Cass County Airport is looking to expand with the addition of a new airport hangar.

Leo Brown Construction has been working since November on construction of a 10,000-foot T-hangar with six compartments to store aircrafts. Airport Manager Tim Dalton said the airport needed a new hangar after their six hangar buildings were filled with aircrafts.

“Right now we’re at 100 percent capacity,” Dalton said.

The decision to build a new hangar came after about seven months of being at full-capacity, Dalton said.

Though the hangar is still in its beginnings, Dalton said four of the six units have already been leased out. The spaces are leased for an average of $200 a month, depending on the building, Dalton said.

The spaces are typically leased by individuals, but Dalton said they also have one hangar devoted to planes from corporations or individuals flying through the area.

Dalton said the airport had originally hoped to build two new hangars with the $331,000 budget, but once the bids came in, they found that they only had enough money to build one.

“At the end of the day we just made the decision to construct one,” Dalton said.

Four companies bid in the bidding process and Leo Brown Construction Company was the lowest bidder, Dalton said.

Joe Brown, part owner of Leo Brown Construction Company, said the construction of the hangar began in November and was still in its beginning stages.

“We’ve got all the foundations in,” Brown said.

Brown said construction would most likely shut down once bad winter weather hit and resume with warmer weather.

That timeline puts the completion of the hangar to June, Brown said.

Once the hangar is completed and the spaces are leased, Dalton said he  will re-evaluate the need to build another hangar.

“It’s something I constantly look at,” Dalton said.