April 21, 2013

Cass council OKs payroll appropriation

Budget oversight prompts $7,500 from general fund.

by Mitchell Kirk

LOGANSPORT — The Cass County Council recently approved an appropriation of $7,500 from its general fund to make up for a payroll error that occurred when the county circuit court’s budget combined with the county’s budget.

Cass County Auditor Van Ide said last year, as the county experienced budget cuts, a secretary with the Cass County Superior Court was paid out of a different fund. That fund had been depleted by this year however, prompting Cass Circuit Judge Leo Burns to place the secretary’s payroll back in his budget.

Ide went on to say when Burns did his budget for this year, he included the secretary’s salary under a new line item along with a raise in pay. However, when the court’s budget was added into the county’s, the original line item pertaining to the secretary’s original salary remained.

“In essence, he is short $7,500,” Ide said.

Cass County Council President George Stebbins said he originally thought a new employee was being added before the error was discovered.

Because there wasn’t enough money in the circuit court’s budget, the council appropriated $7,500 from its general fund to make up the difference.

“It was just a difference between the salary we approved to the salary we should have approved,” Stebbins said.

The council approved the measure 7-0 at its meeting Friday.

“It’s just to make up the difference to get it correct to where it needs to be,” Stebbins said. “So [Burns] doesn’t run into a problem at the end of the year and run out of money, it was being taken care of.”



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