July 7, 2013

Plan to attend the Cass County 4-H fair

By Lynn Korniak Guest Columnist

---- — For most young people, summer means baseball games, sleeping late, trying to find a summer job, riding bikes to their nearest swimming hole and just plain relaxing. But for many 4-H members, summer means horse shows, craft workshops, summer camp, grooming the steers, filling out record books and maybe even pulling an all-nighter just before a project is due.

All of these activities are in preparation for one of the biggest events of the summer for a 4-H’er — the 4-H County Fair.

Everyone is invited and welcome to attend the 2013 Cass County 4-H Fair this week. The fair is always an exciting time for young and old, 4-H’er and parent. It’s time to put on display the many hours of hard work put forth by our youth. The fair is a time for the past, present and future: A time to reflect back on what has been accomplished (past); a time to have feelings of pride in those accomplishments (present); and also a time to look ahead and set goals for the next year (future).

The 2013 Cass County 4-H Fair has activities for the entire family. There will be plenty of parking, lots of food, good entertainment and several community and business exhibitors.

Pride pours out of the 4-H’ers while their projects are on display for all to see. As you wander down aisle after aisle, you will experience the joy of parents as they see their child’s exhibits being praised by curious onlookers.

Many hours of hard, determined work by the youth produce these 4-H projects. Parents assist by encouraging, prodding, and even pushing the 4-H’ers along the way. They see the value of the child learning with the hands-on experiences included with the 4-H projects.

The 4-H member learns in many ways. Some start with excursions in search of leaves, insects and seeds. Others spend time expressing their artistic ability using cameras, paints, fabrics, wood as well as many other supplies. Many 4-H’ers, boys, and girls, show their expertise in foods and nutrition through their wonderful food exhibits.

Remember, all 4-H exhibits are important to the 4-H’ers who are exhibiting them. The exhibit, the competition, the awards and recognition are important, but we hope that in the process, the 4-H’ers have learned some new skill or have acquired some new information which will help them become responsible adults and useful, self-sufficient citizens.

The culmination of all of these talents arrives with the 4-H County Fair. A unique blend of resources, time and talents is what makes each county fair a special experience. Without all of the 4-H members, parents, extension educators, volunteers, and supporting community members, the county fairs would most likely be a thing of the past. Instead, this tradition continues to evolve, and continues to remain a community-wide phenomenon.

Plan to attend the 2013 Cass County Fair, today through Saturday.