November 18, 2013

Cass County approves redistricting for 439 voters

Council representation changed for 439 voters.

by Mitchell Kirk

---- — Population shifts in Cass County have forced officials to make changes to its council districts, resulting in more than 400 voters changing representatives.

The changes were prompted after receiving notice from the Association of Indiana Counties, which said Cass recently experienced a population deviation of 20.12 percent, exceeding the about 10 percent permitted.

Officials took a closer look at all of the county’s districts to determine where to add and subtract. It was found the highest populations were in the 1st district, represented by Councilman Phil Rains, and the 3rd District, represented by Councilman Jim David, said Cass County Clerk Beth Liming.

The county’s 2nd District, represented by Councilman Grover Bishop, had the lowest, while the 4th District, represented by Brian Reed, was closest to the average.

Taking these figures into account, Liming proposed to Cass County officials moving Noble Township, with a population of 168, from Rains’ district to Bishop’s district. She also proposed moving Logansport Precinct 8, with a population of 903, from David’s district to Bishop’s as well.

This brings the county’s population deviation down to 6.03 percent, well within the 10 percent allowed by the state.

Liming said the changes will affect 439 registered voters, all of whom will receive notifications.

The measures were passed unanimously by both the Cass County commissioners and Cass County Council.

“It’s all to get adequate representation for each of the districts,” Bishop said. “...It’s not a political thing at all. It’s a redivision of the population based on over the last few years the population shifting to the east.”

The changes were recently made to the county’s mapping system, said Cass County Information Technology Director Cj Gilsinger.

Mitchell Kirk is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. He can be reached at 574-732-5130 or Follow him: @PharosMAK.

Cass County Council district changes • Noble Township, formerly in 1st District, represented by Councilman Phil Rains, moves to 2nd District, represented by Councilman Grover Bishop • Logansport Precinct 8, formerly in 3rd District, represented by Councilman Jim David, moves to 2nd District