August 28, 2013

Galveston talks wish list at town hall meeting

By Amie Sites Pharos-Tribune

---- — GALVESTON — Given $1,500, residents a town in southern Cass County dreamed of a new playground. A veterans’ memorial. Vintage street lighting and Christmas decorations. A bike trail.

And those might just be the start of the ideas.

About 75 people attended Galveston’s town hall meeting, earning $1,500 for the town. The Cass Community Foundation has had four town hall meetings where $20 was granted to go towards a project to benefit the community, up to a total of $2,000.

The Galveston meeting and earlier meetings at Royal Center, Twelve Mile and Walton have helped celebrate the foundation’s 20th anniversary.

CCCF president Deanna Crispen began by talking about some of the things the foundation does and introduced board members in attendance.

“We want to build better partnerships,” Crispen said.

Dan Layman, a board member of the foundation, said the Galveston community is in a position to continue to grow. Lucy Burns hoped they would come up with some great ideas for Galveston.

Susan Platt also spoke before the meeting.

“In the beginning I think people thought the community foundation was a Logansport thing and Deanna has made it very much a Cass County thing,” Platt said.

Pat Gunnell, town council president, said she would like to see a handicap-accessible area in the park or an area to honor veterans.

Shawn Durham, with the Galveston Police Department, suggested a smaller park on the east side of town be created.

“The park we have is nice, but it’s a long walk for some of the younger kids,” Durham said.

Jodi Osenbaugh agreed with Durham that a park on the east side of town would be a good addition. Osenbaugh said she also wished for public poster areas so library programs in the summer would be better attended. She also suggested similar programs be offered in the fall.

Kathy Phipps, with the town council, suggested Christmas decorations or old fashioned street poles be added to the town. She mentioned she liked what the town of Walton does during the holidays.

With the intersection of two highways in town, others mentioned having curb appeal would help draw people to stop.

Deanna Durham said a walking or biking trail would create a safer place for children to bike and would give people a place to run.

“The town has a lot of potential,” Durham said.

Crispen said she thought the meeting was well attended and expects to get additional ideas from people who will go home and think of something they wanted to share.

“It happens every time,” Crispen said. “Someone will think of something else and then will contact us.”

Money raised at the meeting will go into the existing Galveston community fund that was established in 2008. The foundation’s board members will create a project list, then go from there.

“I think it made a lot of people aware of what’s available,” Gunnell said about the meeting. Osenbaugh agreed and said it was nice for members of the community foundation to come out.

“I appreciate everyone coming out,” Crispen said for the foundation’s part. “I think it’s indicative of living in a small community. People want the community to look nice and it’s hard for small communities to make it happen as a group. We want to help.”

Amie Sites is a staff reporter at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5117 or


Project ideas from Galveston residents • Fixing sidewalks • Adding a small park to the east side of town • Creating a biking/hiking trail • Getting Christmas decorations or banners • Having more library programs • Adding handicap-accessible parking in the park • Creating a veterans' memorial area Have an idea to add? If you're a Galveston resident with an idea for the Cass County Community Foundation, you can call the foundation at 574-722-2200.